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About World Physiotherapy

World Physiotherapy is committed to furthering the physiotherapy profession and improving global health. An important part of our purpose is to further the global physiotherapy profession by supporting our member organisations with information, expertise, and services. We provide a range of support and services for our member organisations.

600,000 +

Founded in 1951, we are the sole international voice for physiotherapy. We represent more than 600,000 physiotherapists worldwide, through our 128 member organisations.

Congress discount rates for member organisations
Members of our member organisations are able to access discount rates to attend World Physiotherapy Congress 2025 in Tokyo
Our vision and purpose

Everyone has universal access to quality physiotherapy services where and when needed


To represent physiotherapy across the globe, advancing our profession and advocating access for all, to improve health and wellbeing

Our values: Connecting

We bring our community together through our member organisations, regions, specialty groups, and the wider physiotherapy profession

Our values: Belonging

We recognise and embrace the diversity in our community and our actions create a sense of belonging

Our values: Empowering

We support our member organisations, regions, and specialty groups in the service of others to create lasting change and impact

Our values: Collaborating

We partner with our member organisations, regions, specialty groups, and others who share our values and objectives

Find out more about our work

We work with our member organisations, regions, specialty groups, and others to advocate for change, collaborate on projects, and move the profession forward to improve global health